Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stepping Out Dance Lessons

We are going to have dance lessons every Tuesday morning for 8 weeks.  The class are finding these lessons with Ezra and Dean very enjoyable.

Seth said, "I like hip hop and Ezra and Dean were a bit funny. Felix was a bit funny when we were dancing."

Ngametua said, " Ezra and Dean taught us lots of dance moves and I like the hip hop and the other ones."

Felix said, " Hip hop is fun because I did shake and Ezra and Dean were funny because they did magic.

Ezekiel said, "I liked the dance that Ezra and Dean taught us and most of the time I liked doing it."

Regan said, "Ezra and Dean are teaching us to do Hip Hop and I like it when I dance."

Ruru said, "I like the dancing because the coaches do good moves."

Ateongo said,  "I like it."

Sienna said, "I like dancing because we do cool fun moves."

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