Monday, November 17, 2014

Cultural Dances

Bernard came on the 28.10.14 and he performed some Pacific, Maori and American Indian dances for the school.

Here is what some of the children wrote:

Ngametua wrote:
I liked the American Indian hoop dance because is fun and I enjoyed it.

George's story:
Nate put the hoops on his arms and swung around.

Kaylie wrote:
I liked the hoop dancing .

Sienna wrote:
I went to the hall with  my friends and I liked the part when Nate did the hoop dance. I thought that Nate was shy with the hoops.

Christiana wrote:
I liked the show when he (Bernard) told us about his sons.

Gardenia's story:
Bernard is dancing and he has flowers.

Ezekiel's story:
I like the pois spinning around and around.

We also did some artworks to put around our classroom display. Please come in and check out the rest of the photos.

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