Saturday, November 1, 2014

Masked Parade: Friday 17th October

Sienna said, "I liked the Masked Parade because it was good fun and cool."

Kaylie said, " I watched the Masked Parade and it was fun because there were lots of people."

Charlotte said, "We had a bluish, green mask on our face and I had a black leotard with a cross at the back and it had sparkles all over it. It had a pink on the bottom of the dress."

Carter said, " I liked the Masked Parade and I liked where we walked. Everyone was cheering and we were walking to the parking lot. We walked almost up to the park and then we turned."

James said, "I thought the Masked Parade was kinda cool. You had to dress up in funny outfits and you had to walk a long way. Some of the kiwis looked funny.

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