Saturday, November 1, 2014

Alf's Imperial Army WW1 re-enactment: Monday 20th October

On Monday afternoon Major Blunder and his army came to school and talked about the history of World War I. After that the children made swords out of newspaper and had a mock battle. The nurse was able to mend everyone and at the end of the battle all teams shook hands.

Clara said, " One of the army men helped me to make my sword. When I went outside I was cutting legs off."

Seth said, "It was fun when we had a fake war. I was fighting with my sword. I liked the nurse because she made everyone feel better."

Felix said, " It was fun having a fake war because we were allowed to hit people with our  swords. The nurses came and said ' never mind, it's just a scratch'. It was really fun."

Ezekiel said, " I liked making the swords and I got killed. I loved it."

Kayden said, " It was cool to have fights and I loved it. I got killed 10 times and then I was rescued by the nurse."

Logan said, "I was fighting with the soldiers and killed someone."

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