Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stage One Performance - Monday 20th October

Our school performed at the Nelson Art Festival's Stage One.

James said, "I liked it because they (Nelson College for Girls) were really nice and I liked the singing. I also liked it when the band played their music."

Charlotte said, "We went on stage and we sang 5 songs and I like 'Made in New Zealand' the best."

Ngametua said, " At Stage One we were singing and I liked the singing. I liked the Girls College band and I liked them singing the songs. They were different and they were cool."

Kaylie said, " We went onto the stage and the whole school went on the stage. We were at the top end of the street by the Trafalgar church and I had great fun. Mrs Hockley came and some of the parents came as well.

Kayden said, " Stage One was awesome and I loved it and it was very very cool. Nannie and Mum came."

Regan said, " Stage One was a bit scary and we had to go on the stage in front of everyone."

Logan said, " I liked the songs that we sang especially Kiwi Kids."

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