Monday, June 24, 2013

Visit to Natureland

We went to visit Natureland with Nile Room, on the bus. We learnt lots of things from Christine about pests, animals and what their needs are.

I went to Natureland and I saw some funny fish. Xavier 

I saw a parrot at Natureland. Arjay

I saw a bunny at Natureland and it was the same sort of bunny as Whiskers. There was a goat at Natureland and a turtle. I liked it a lot. By Asha T.

On Monday we went to a zoo called Natureland and I saw a baby deer in with the goats. Christine held a possum and I touched it and I saw a hedgehog and I lived it. Asha S.

I learnt how a crocodile skin feels and what a turtle shell feels like. Deklen

I learnt that birds can talk and that a parrot can say hello when you say hello. Arjay.

I learnt that fish could swim in water. Zac

I learnt that fish look like they're dead when they are actually sleeping. I liked the way that they sleep. Ollie

I learnt about the possum. They sleep at the daytime and they eat fruit. I learnt about the peacock and they can bite. Asha

I learnt that guinea pigs are very fluffy and they are cuddly. They want to stay at the zoo and they don't want to be sent somewhere else. Jade

I learnt about bones because Christine showed them to us. There was an elephant's tusk and a crocodile skeleton. Charlotte

Christine showed us a stuffed weasel which is a pest because they go after birds, bird's egg and they eat small animals. Asha

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