Monday, September 2, 2013

Planting at the Kinzett Street Carpark

We went to Kinzett Street carpark with some of Nile Room. Here is a selection of pictures and some of our stories.
Kayla wrote I planted flaxes and Grandma helped me. I liked going under the bridge.

Payton wrote: I was digging holes for flaxes. I liked walking over the bridge.
Nate wrote: I went to the park at Kinzett St. and I went planting with the school. I like being a good gardener.
Arjay wrote: I am going to plant a plant in the garden at the carpark.
Zoe wrote: I am helping Noah to get the plant out of the pot.
Dalaura wrote: I am planting a plant in the garden.
Keanu wrote: I had fun when I was planting trees. Tinneka was my buddy.

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