Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Olympic Games - APS 2012

I liked playing with Zayden and Jaladhi at the Olympics. I liked dodge ball and I was in the middle.

I was in the green team for the Olympics and we made the tallest flag. 

I liked playing all the games at the Olympics and I liked playing the game where you have to steal all the eggs. 
It was the school Olympics and I was in the purple team.
I played dodge ball and I liked it when purple had to throw all the balls and the other team had to get the balls. Harrison was the last one in the circle.

I was in the red team for the Olympics and  we tip toed through the rings. I was puffed.

On Wednesday I stayed in my group for a long time. We played lots of games.
We had the school Olympic games with Helen. I was in yellow team. I loved it. 
My favourite Olympic game was rob the nest and I liked being in the yellow team.
I liked my team getting a gold medal.

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