Saturday, May 24, 2014

Trip to Founders Park

All of the classes walked to Founders Park to have a look around, as part of our 'Then and now' unit. The children walked with their buddies, who were very good at looking after them.
When we got to the park we had morning tea and then split back into our classes. We walked (some of us ran) around the venue in small groups.
It was a great day and the children were able to sit on/ in some of the vehicles. which was very exciting. We had lunch there and Mrs Hockley joined us for this.
After that we went on the playground, which seemed swamped by the whole school - great fun.
We stopped at another park on the way home but unfortunately the weather threatened a change and we headed back to school.
Trafalgar were quite tired by the time we reached school and we had some 'blob out' time.

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