Monday, November 15, 2010

Retelling a Dr Suess Story

Along with the rest of the school Trafalgar Room have retold the story of how Horton Hatches and egg. Here are 2 examples.

Retold by Saphire
Mayzie wanted to go on a holiday and she cannot because she has an egg. Horton sat on the egg and on the nest for her. Nayzie would not come back.
The hunters found Horton and they sold him to the circus. He found Mayzie and she was angry because Horton wouldn't give her the egg. The egg hatched and it was an elephant bird. Horton and the baby went home.

Retold by Rueben
Mayzie, the bird, is mean. She wanted the elephant to sit on the tree and he did that for her.
Horton is a nice elephant. He sat on the egg. Mayzie went on vacation and she decided not to come back.
The hunters saw Horton sitting on the egg. They caught him. They took him over the mountains and over the sea. He got seasick. The hunters sold Horton to the circus. Mayzie wanted the egg back and the egg turned into an elephant bird. Mazie was angry 100%.
They took Horton and the baby back home.

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Mariam said...

hah hah hah. that is a great little story Rueben. You are a very good writer. Has your mum read this? I know she would like it.